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The soyboys working on the Rust compiler refuse to acknowledge that a stable ABI is something worth having. They also refuse to acknowledge that handling ENOMEM by calling abort is utterly retarded. Those 2 things alone tell me all I need to know about Rust.

It's not a systems language. It's a language for soyboys working on a browser engine, who ship their software as 1 huge binary bundle. The only novel concept in the language (checked lifetimes) is not even original and it's not compelling enough to warrant being constrained by their absolutely awful toolchain.

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My favorite language haskell is kiked out the ass. Doesn't mean that it's a bad programming language. Probably something similar is going on there.

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It's funny - Scala has a library called Scalaz. Some developers (SJWs or I recall (((people))) ) didn't like the abrasive, and direct tone of its main author on forums and his stance on free speech and being against "codes of conduct", so they harrassed him, kicked him out, succeeded in wrestling control of the project from him for a time, and after they lost control of it again, they copied the project and called it Cats with minor variations - and kept harrassing the guy, including at his work, for a long time after.

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This type of BS is why I don't like even trying to touch open source projects. Far too many communists running around that community these days.

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Read the book if you can stomach its condescending tone. I couldn't, so I instead worked on expanding my knowledge of data structures and algorithms in C.