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More generally, developers’ work should adhere to the foundational principles....

Jesus, quit the "principles" reasoning!

The best developers don't follow principles, they create principles based on what they need. They don't follow patterns, they invent patterns for what they need. And what is needed depends on the company's needs.

Get rid of these SCRUM teams and you will notice that one good developer will replace one complete SCRUM team when they are allowed to do their work. Take developers that started their careers in the 90's. the period where good developers came into existence because they self-learned it all by themselves.

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Coding should not be straight forward, as neither is language. The reason why we have this awesome technology that is only a certain percentage better is basically because of semantics. We need more out of the box coders not giving a fuck what they were taught, we need coders that will experiment and have fun with their codes.