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I’ve tried to help those people understand that their organization is doing “Agile” wrong: they’re not doing what the Manifesto authors recommended, what Scrum recommends, what the many Agile Software Development experts recommend.

WRONG! SCRUM sucks also Agile Software Development experts suck even, bigger!

Claiming that they are doing it all wrong, is a clear indication that you have no clue what programming is. The big giant flaw in by these co called Agile software developers is that they try to "quantify" software development and assume that software development is team work and can be teached.

  • Great software is ready when it is ready, not when time is up.
  • Great software cannot be planned and predicted before, you create a fuzzy goal and ask the developers to create something that does this.
  • Great software developers work efficiently alone. They need to build their code reliably and that does not work when you get some idiot crippling all your code at random locations.

Now brace for impact, anyone that was brainwashed into SCRUM methodology, your life will suck because it is going to take many years to unlearn these bad behaviors. If you came from school and did not develop 5 years ago, then your brain was never trained to be creative and your career is over.

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Reg. when software is ready, one also has to consider deadlines. In such a case, I would believe that it typically for most cases is a good idea to inform the relevant decision makers that are responsible for the given project or product whether you believe the goals can be reached, ask them how to prioritize, ensure that there are proper fallbacks if the deadline fails, and generally keep them well-informed such that they can take decisions. That does, as you say, depend on the case.

In any case, I strongly agree with you that prioritizing the company and keeping focus on how one can help the company achieve its goals are very important. And here I must apologize, for I believed the blog post cared more about how developers can do a better job, instead it indeed seems to "sell" things to developers, and I think that is similar to a lot of SCRUM marketing, because they tend to focus on how developers can be "empowered" (whether true, false or the opposite...) instead of focusing on how developers can better help the company, which ought to be the focus.

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You need a soft deadline. deadlines are important because then we wrap everything up to a complete functional project.

What would be better is to have a soft deadline, and make developers try to do everything they can in this given deadline with certain directions to follow to. Any good developer will optimize the time and resources because they love to create and also love to win.

This blog post indeed is trying to create a new hype because their previous hype failed. It is the exact same people that tries to cover up their previous mistake by introducing yet another method that will fail exactly the same way.