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Same as others videos and work along with existing projects and tweak them.

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I started using Unity not too long ago. I have a LONG history of programming but I'd never done game development, and it was overwhelming at first because there's a lot to learn, and not only on the programming side. Game development involves level design, asset design, 3D modeling, animations,... and the deeper you dive into each of those the more you find your brain spider webbing. You can't discuss animations without discussing IK rigging, and that means you need to discuss what "rigging" in general means, which gets into bones and joints but then there's also the mesh and meshes are kind of like models, but kind of not? And models have normals and if the normals are wrong then nothing will show up....

Eventually my head started spinning. I'll tell you one thing with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY: The worst way to learn Unity is with a depth-first approach. If you want to start making games then you need to accept that 90% of the time you won't know what you're doing. You need to get ready to accept that you'll spend a lot of time copying and pasting code, or importing some library, or frantically trying random things, and you won't understand it all. Understanding will come with time.

I personally found Udemy courses were very useful for my Unity journey. I learned a lot from Ben Tristem's "Complete C# Unity Developer 3D - Learn to Code Making Games"

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The videos on their official channel are pretty great.

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I wached videos on specific projects, making along with the video.