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Microsoft is fragmenting their developers tools so much that it becomes so diluted that no one cares anymore. There is no point it going to TypeScript 3.0 if they are going to release the next TypeScrip in 1 month from now, then another one, and another one and another one.

Rule number one in successful projects: "Pick one and stay with it until it is completed."

Don't change your language, framework or tools midway your project because you create a setup that will fail!

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I recall from the blog post that the changes were somewhat small. That said, I think you have a very good point reg. frequent changes. It is something that has also affected the Scala community negatively (though the changes are not nearly as frequent/large for Scala as for TypeScript, I believe). I believe it is however something of a trade-off - if you do not have frequent changes, then it can become much harder to evolve and develop the language. I wonder if TypeScript will slow down its evolution. I guess it won't slow down a lot if it slows down, for the rest of the browser front-end environment tends to change rapidly, and will likely continue to do so for at least some years to come.

The frequent changes likely hurts (much) more the larger and/or numerous your code bases are in TypeScript.

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This rapid release of tools have given even most die hard's of latest technologies a burn out where I work. They used to be excited now they stopped caring. Maybe they started to realize that they are more busy updating to the latest tools and learn new stuff than being productive.