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Or maybe he just thinks Javascript sucks because it does.

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JScide now

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No typing, not even optional typing.

On ruby's end, DSL-hell and "jajaja, performance increases every year, lets be as lazy and inefficient as pajeets. Performance, code clarity, and maintainability don't matter!"

Both communities: "It's 2018. Don't use [tried and tested library]! What are you, a caveman? Use brand new [xyz]! It's convoluted and requires [a] to do [b] in order to complete [c] so you can gulp/grab//jerk it nice and hard, because architecture isn't a buzzword!"

Meanwhile I'm over here "php is good enough for facebook, it's good enough for me, you nigger hipster."

Also, did you remember to fucking dockerize your work?

You didn't?

You fucking caveman.

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Not having messed with it, my understanding is that JavaScript proper isn't a terrible language, but everybody uses third-party crap that makes the rest of the world miserable because they can't be bothered to code their own left-pad function.

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It doesn't suck more than any other language, it has cons and pros, as a matter of fact you have php, now that sucks balls a million times more

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It doesn't suck more than any other language

Yes, it really does.

as a matter of fact you have php, now that sucks balls a million.

Wow, so JS is better than PHP? You have to have some seriously low standards to even mention that.

JavaScriptards are like Apple fans. They foam at the mouth when you insult their stupid tribe, logic and facts be damned.

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Yeah, I've known a few Ruby devs in my day and they are all cry babies.

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I think what happened was he told his mother he wanted to become a Java developer, so she bought him that book and told him "it's the same thing".

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It reminds me of the time my grandma knew I wanted a Transformer for my birthday and instead, she bought me a Go-Bot.

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I understand. Played with Node some. Every time I used the NPM command to pull the modules I want, I got pissed thinking about Isaac Schlueter. Huge ANITA commie. I can't think about my project whenever I used the command. Now my only interest is writing viruses in Node to make the whole community look shit.

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Isaac Schlueter

That guy is a seriously degenerate kike.

The creator of Node was a dirty kike too -- the fake "grassroots" development model was mostly a ploy to get funding (which seems to have worked). He has since admitted that he doesn't even use it himself any more.

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Those guys sound like faggots

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Yeah the guy who discovered nuclear magnetic resonance was a jew too, same for the first commercially successful ballpoint pen

Sucks to be so much of a faggot that you need to avoid everything a jew ever touched

You can thank god that no jews were invovlved in the invention of the micro processor

Oh wait... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanley_Mazor


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Hes just realizing the tools that are used to destroy internet privacy.

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Possibly one of the worst mainstream languages ever created, yet is often introduced as a "programming 101" to beginners. Really scary.

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I'd rather go back to writing cobol than ruby or javascript.

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It's very easy to write 4 dimensional spaghetti code with javascript.

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