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AFAIK a tracking single pixel image is something that's part of webpage HTML, not an image. The single pixel image is not apparent to the user, yet his browser hits some server to get it, hence tracking hits.

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One delivers a tracking pixel in an HTML email with a special image tag. The source field of the image tag can contain, in addition to the location of the image, parameters which the email sender can use to identify the email address and message. For example:

<img src="https://cdn.example.com/images/foo.jpg?id=1092741abcd097324091>

The image location will appear in the server logs. You can analyze the logs to see which email addresses saw which images.

Alternatively, one can set the source field to a script instead of an image. The script could process the parameters in whatever way desired before serving the image to the email client.

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Thank you, this is fantastic and super informative.

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try google

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can you not find books on the subject?

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Always a great start but for me as a total noob about any sort of coding, books tend to go too far down the coding rabbit hole for me and I was mostly wondering if it could possibly be done.

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so you did? I find your question intriguing and would appreciate suggestions. sorry I'm not a expert on the subject either.