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Looking back at LinkedIn, Skype and Windows 10, they will definately fuck it up. If you did not have migrated your project yet then your project will be dead soon.

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Their Diversity CEO was in charge of all those decisions.....

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Don't forget windows phone, MSN smart watch/SPOT, Tablet PC, Zune, Windows RT, Windows Live Mesh, .NET MicroFramework, Band, Reader... Though those are all in a specific vein, they are complete fuckups of varying magnitude.

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Did you ever see the prototype tablet they made with 2 screens? I would have killed for one and they discontinued it for some reason but other than that fuck anything else they made they deserve to fail

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your project will be dead soon.

Owned by MS.

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People still use GitHub?

They revealed themselves as colossal faggots back in, like, 2013.

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Business owners in the tech world also seem to be colossal faggots so they do okay.

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You are a faggot for saying that

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GitHub was already dead , it got choked to death by speech codes and all the creativity was strangled out of it.

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“We are buying GitHub because we like GitHub; our plan is to continue to invest in the GitHub roadmap, and make GitHub better at being GitHub,” Friedman wrote.

Such a worthless statement. If you like something, you shouldn't demand to own it, you should partner with it. Microsoft has fucked itself and github over with this acquisition.

Only bad and negative press can come from future events of any failures at github, and it will be blamed on the microsoft direction. Especially anything to do with privacy. That is the one thing that will make not only developers take notice and turn away, but consumers and customers as well.

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Who should have bought GitHub instead? GitHub was being shopped around so a new owner was pretty inevitable.

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nobody. It was and will never be profitable, and unlike youtube it's not accessible. And it's infested with SJW's so they will end up chasing their tails on things that don't matter.

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It was wrong to put a brand above it's name. People tend to have a distaste for conglomerates. Especially when it comes to microsoft growth.

Unless they have a secret weapon, which I don't know what it could be.

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Yeah, I saw that VSTS would be integrated.

Totally forgot about Atom because VSC blew passed it almost 2 years ago. I can see these 2 merged in the near future.

Visual Studio is supposed to be some great thing ... I installed it and never used it. Blah! Sure it has a few good debugging features but I don’t work that way.

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I work with Visual studio for more than a decade and it really is the best too to develop in. With the best tool I mean, I am very productive in outputting professional results in a very short time.

But with Visual Studio 2017 I see a disturbing trend that they output updates after updates after updates after updates to a point where no one in the developers team has the same Visual Studio 2017 anymore. The end result will be projects that starts to become more and more deteriorated and end up into failure after failure.

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I don’t do .net so I just don’t see the appeal to Visual studio. While VSC on the other hand, I love it! It’s pretty too!

SQL management studio sucks. It’s clunky and just a pain to deal with. They should copy Sequel Pro on the Mac.

I tried intelliJ stuff but didn’t like the weight of it.

I like to make fun of MS but I never count them out because they really do have cool stuff every so often.

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They're already losing developers, not just new generations. Once they committed to making Windows an advertising platform and a series of fuckups and fuck you's to developers they can go fuck themselves. Happy on linux now after years of career on Microsoft, now just using Windows 10 for more than a few minutes makes me sick.

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Who knows, may be .. I think everything depends on salaries in this case

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Here's the latest report on the developers' salaries by the way. The main factors are still: country and level of experience, things hadn't changed a lot. Anyways it is extremely hard to give any prognosis on IT business, everything is very dynamic and not stable at this market.

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the new gen of game designers here, will be alt-right and be hailing the fourth reich.

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