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Most people are judging you on your past actions. They don't trust your future actions because of it. That is despite the MSFT shills saying that they've turned around now thanks to their glorious new CEO and there is nothing to worry about.

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The best predictor of future behavior is … past behavior

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I never thought I'd be wishing that Steve Ballmer were still heading Microsoft. Nadella sucks so bad that he makes Ballmer look like a fucking genius and innovator. Fuck Nadella with a cactus for destroying more developer confidence. We're heading deeper into a technological stone age with all the stifling that's happening in the industry. The golden age of software is nothing more than a faint memory now. Sad.

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If you are a startup, you should move! Microsoft is probably going to let some AI lose on every single line of code and patent it before you can.

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Move your Github repository first! The make Microsoft prove that they are worthy to put back your repository.

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https://archive.fo/USUBk :

Nadella tells worried GitHub devs: Judge us by our actions • The Register

'And while Friedman was talking, slides showing Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud with equal status to Microsoft Azure were shown in the background. '

'The moment Nadella or Friedman stopped talking about how much they love open source, the very next thing was about how the deal was going to present "opportunities."'

'"We love developers, and we love open source developers," he said on a call formally announcing the deal on Monday morning before promising, repeatedly, that GitHub will remain open and independent. '

'He reiterated, again, that Microsoft was "all in with open source."', "Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is at pains to reassure developers that its $7.5bn purchase of GitHub won't turn the code repository into an Azure-only space."

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