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These SJW scum need to be sent back to the depths of hell from where they originate....

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They're Marxists, just like any other flavor of leftist or liberal you care to name, and like with any Marxist the only solution is to exterminate them.

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That may help for awhile but the problem with this silly Marxism idea is that it keeps popping back up. Having the government take care of you is an attractive idea to those who do not wish to take care of themselves. Until they realize how horrible it actually is in practice. Wrestling back our education system and teaching them the benefits of a capitalist constitutional republic will have a longer lasting effect.

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They simply have no soul...

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I feel you. When you keep telling someone that water is wet and they reply water is racist and when you persist they either: 1) fight you, 2) scream over you, 3) mace you, 4) defame you, 5) bike lock you, 6) accuse you of rape...then yes extermination is a feasible counter-measure.

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Literally and quite demonstrably in this instance: Apparently Cory Bell "Coraline Ada" Ehmke previously styled himself "Reverend Doctor Corey Bantik" and claimed to be an authority on 'magick' on the net:

Satanic Transgender SJW Wants to Control 'Open Source' Code Community


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At least out of the tech field, because they have no place in a discipline based on reality.

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I give them 18 months in Microsoft's raving and ranting system. They'll create so much trouble, they'll get moved to the bottom of the pile and then ejected.

Much as I dislike MSFT, they're not that big on SJWism. Bing returns better results than Google, about the thing I use indirectly through DDG.

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Oh man, is it really like this in the tech industry nowadays?

There was that male programmer at Google who wrote about their stupid SJW culture and got fired, then it turned out there was a creature similar to Ehmke at Google, apparently spending his/"her" time on the company bulletin board badmouthing "cis" white males and creating a poisonous atmosphere.

On the plus side, if you're a guy who wants to work in tech, just put on a dress for the interview. They'll be on tiptoes to avoid affronting you.

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I think I could pretend about my gender, but there's no way I could pretend about my views of leftists and stupid shit. I'd be fired in a day for opening my mouth and being direct and honest. Tech pursuits are deeply satisfying partly because they are based on understanding reality in all its depth.

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That will be the day when someone says "If you got detonation, a simple fix is to retard your timing in that area." then they get banned.

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At work we're not supposed to refer to "master slave" architecture. Fuck that.

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And when describing electrical connections using male and female to describe what in the actual fuck is what when it comes to communicating these things.

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there's no such thing as "reverse-semism [reverse-anti-semitism?]," "reverse-racism," and "cisphobia" and that they won't act on complaints regarding those

Racism against whites is just plain racism, not reverse (the reverse would be appreciation for whites, which I have to agree doesn't exist, at least not acknowledged from other races).

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Yes, but that's not what they meant. In the SJW, feminist, California context, "reverse-racism" means "you can't be racist towards whites."

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Pretty sure most Asians think SJWs are cunts too -- not sure why they're trying to ally with them. They're too smart (except Indians) to be treated as pets, like they do with niggers.

I've moved all my public repos already. Never paid them a single dollar for private repos.

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Just use Gitlab, until they buy that too.

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