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Pushing alphas to production nowadays, we don't even bother to test.

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It used to take years. Now it's more like weeks.

LOL. Bullshit.

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https://archive.fo/Ub3Az :

Software development slow because 'Most of our ideas suck' • The Register

'Speaking at Continuous Lifecycle London* on Wednesday, Mike Roberts, co-founder of consultancy Symphonia Cloud, employed less Orwellian terminology for tomorrow: continuous experimentation. '

'"Most of our ideas suck," he said, attributing the quote to software consultant Jeff Patton (though any cynic, unbidden, will say as much). ', "Perhaps you've heard of continuous delivery, the trending software engineering practice that aims to accelerate development cycles while making them simultaneously speedy and boring."

'"There's no point in having continuous experimentation if we're not continuously learning," Roberts said. ', "And there are safety challenges: making it safe to fail; ensuring budgets don't get busted along the way; and protecting data and security."

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I don't care what methodology a software team is using. Failure to plan is still planning to fail.