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Android devs prepare to hit pause on ads amid Google GDPR chaos • The Register

'However, obviously if you are not requesting ads using the Google Ads SDK then you should not have need to ask for consent to serve Google ads. ', "Google promised a new Consent SDK, but warned it couldn't actually be tested until after GDPR was in place.", "Android developers are reluctantly considering putting Google ads on ice because of uncertainty over whether they'll be GDPR-compliant, cutting off what in many cases is their sole revenue source.", "If you are requesting ads and you have not collected consent using the Google Consent SDK, then we advise that if a user's consent state is unknown and an ad request is made, Google will still serve personalized ads.", "Adding further confusion, a Google rep said in the Mobile Ads forum that the company couldn't guarantee that apps using the Consent SDK would actually be compliant."

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