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Anything you can do in your latest shiny middleware I can do in K&R C and/or lisp.

One time we coded a Forth interpreter in asm/c to fit inside 8kbytes of firmware. It was cheaper in space to do that than code the whole thing in C.

Good times. I fucking hate modern IDEs.

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"latest technology"

please, computers haven't changed significantly in my life. just more memory, more pixels, more bloat, and some useful software Im glad someone took the time to write

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Latest software technology.

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If they changed any more than they did they wouldn't be called computers anymore.

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and spelers

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Latest technologies, not necessarily. Latest libraries? The worst programmers I've ever known use every goddamn library they come across to do the most mundane crap imaginable. The JavaScript ecosystem is the worst offender in this area. There's a library that just strips trailing whitespace off a string.

Learn how to use the fucking language assholes!

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I have seen a guy using a external web rendering engine used as a component while all he had to do was a search and replace of a tag string in a static html file.

Now I am involved with a Javascrip project WTF!

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Sometimes in programming you end up doing everything even if you have no training at all because many with the job can't do it worth a shit.

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Was it hard seeing all your friends die when the meteor hit?

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People that win the Darwin awards are not my friends.

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Dinosaurs. The allusion was to dinosaurs.