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This is ridiculous. Work on the same project, on same machine, apparently no form of versioning control... this can be disasterous. Pointless, useless features. More reasons for me to avoid Visually impaired Studio. Even this IntelliSense is garbage. Why do you want to have "most popular methods" on the top? Just keep em all sorted A-Z... I see no form for productivity increase or anything.


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https://archive.fo/zOUM6 :

Microsoft reckons devs would like an AI Clippy to help them write code • The Register

' Despite using a dimilar name, Visual Studio for Mac and the cross-platform Visual Studio Code are entirely separate products. ®'

'The supported coding tools are Visual Studio 2017 on Windows, and Visual Studio Code on Windows, Mac and Linux. '

'Build Microsoft has used its Build developer shindig in Seattle to rip the wrapping off IntelliCode, an AI-assisted development for Visual Studio. '

'That said, there is an IntelliCode preview extension that developers can try out today. '

'One tool not currently supported is Visual Studio for Mac, the integrated development environment that Microsoft acquired with Xamarin, though the company hopes to add this in future. '

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