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This is obviously a pretty slanted article. I don't understand how it could be put in a major newspaper without any sort of editorial review. What's worse is the author knows it is contentious as she mentions several other situations where a CoC was abused, but only the minor parts that support her case. The node example goes directly against what she is arguing as it was a review counsel, who are not really involved in the development of the product, trying to remove the technical lead mainly because he said there shouldn't be a CoC (which kind of removes the reason for the counsel, hmm... wonder why they didn't like him) through a hidden backroom process where the person has no chance to defend themselves. What was even worse is several members of that group weren't exactly being very inclusive, making all sorts of comments above developers against the CoC were just sweaty white men living in their parent's basements. When complaints against them were filed the complaints just disappeared. That is the real reason the CoCs are so hated. It isn't to support tolerance, but to allow non-programmer political activist to bend the project to where they want it to go. It is essentially a tojan horse for a hostile take over.


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Exactly, these people, can't even program. They've got their fake degrees from some BS university, their minds fresh with neo-liberal propaganda, and now they want to jump in and start dictating to everyone else how to think.


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Adios, LLVM. It looks like that project is about to be converged and diverted from its original purpose into politics. Time to fork!


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I imagine that right now, you're feeling a bit like Alice. Hmm? Tumbling down the rabbit hole?


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Harassment is harmless as long as it's only the tip


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https://archive.fo/ArrZb :

Programmers debate rules to behave respectfully, code of conduct - Business Insider

'They are arguing about whether they should have to agree to a community code of conduct that requires them to behave respectfully. '

'The latest battleground for those who loathe the "SJWs" is to take issue with the seemingly innocuous Community Code of Conduct. ', "Lattner is still heavily involved in the LLVM community, in part because he's the husband of the LLVM Foundation's president, Tanya Lattner."

'Earlier this week, a software engineer publicly quit a very popular open-source project and set off a firestorm of debate within the programming world. '

'The Linux Foundation also adopted a more formal Code of Conduct for its events, saying that harassment is not ok. '

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"Publicly quit" is a link, but not to the post where the guy quit. Instead it's a link to some chump trying to talk down each of the guy's points.

What a great way to make sure your readers don't feel challenged AND don't have to engage their critical thinking capacities!


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How about one of these rich Sheiks who buy clubs like Manchester City buys a football team and populates it half with quality players and the other half with 'oppressed' women, who are finally given the chance to fulfill their potential. You would need several changing rooms to accommodate everybody in the team.

Record all the excuses and complaints. It would be quite funny, especially when the top players some how manage to give the 'oppressed' players a chance for a goal.


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Fuck you, Fatty!