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Not hard if the Nsa, Cia, FBI, Dod, Tsa, Nypd, fund it for you.

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fund and promote

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Easy to make one, hard to make a good one, hard to fund it.

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cough bing cough /s

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The code is Free. It is much better than other engines.

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Nobody would trust you and more importantly nobody would trust that you provide the best search results. For some reason people actually do trust Google, to the extent that hundreds of millions tell google where they are every second of every day. So to use google search isn't exactly a leap for them.

On top of that google's search results will actually be better than yours, potentially forever. Because even if you caught up, the expenses you had faced would have investors kicking your door down to augment the results to better serve them. The income sources would be the same people that own everything.

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not that hard. there are a lot of search engines out there. you need to maintain, which means fund. the more popular it is, the more expensive it gets.

need self funding model. maybe open source but programmer/admin hours entitles you to ad profit.

searching the entire internet has always been a bit of a misnomer. and specialist search engines perform better.

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You have to have servers and bandwidth to do all that crawling, and then you have to store the results so you can retrieve them. And you better retrieve them fast. And it better be accurate and up to date and available 24/7/365. Google sets the standard now and you will be expected to approximate that as much as you can. There is a reason the better search engines either leech off Google or have a lot of ads.

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Google search turned to shit, start using Bing. I was extremely skeptical at first but after a few months it's hard to go back. Google has apparently replaced all their programmers with purple haired dykes.