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I disagree with this assessment. I would put basic programming in the same category as an algebra I class. As far as it taking too much time to learn, it doesn't take too long to pick up enough basics to follow some simple demonstrations (things which can be used to solidify a student's understanding of basic logic and mathematics).

It is true professional level programming isn't for everyone. But people who learn basic mathematics aren't expected to become professional mathematicians. If a school awarded diplomas to students who weren't taught the basics of algebra, I would consider the education from that school to be unsatisfactory; likewise, if a school never touches on the basics of programming, I would say they are doing a severe disservice to their students.

While reading and writing are valuable and important skills; one could make the same argument that they do require more time and effort to learn than is practical for everybody. If someone can take care of their-self and they're happy to go through life not being able to read or write; I won't put them down. But make no mistake, reading and writing are of supreme importance when it comes to quality of education. One can argue about the importance of programming, and what priority it should be given; but to say it could be left out entirely, is like saying algebra can be skipped. Even if you can get by without it, I'd say that means you're getting by without a decent education.


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Coding is good for how to think logically. Not necessarily a skill most will need after most useful software has been written a hundred times over and the hardware platforms stabilized.


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There's a bad developer fearing competition, it seems, because otherwise, the stupid arguments in that YouTube Video can't be explained.

Not everyone needs to code later in life? Yes, but also most people don't event need basic maths later. so why is it considered relevant?

Spezialization is good, but we really don't want people who know nothing except their immediate field of study. What would you even program if you knew nothing except programming?

Like simple maths, programming is (or will be) usefull in most professions.

Programming is the second part of automatization, machinery is the first.

And you can only automate things if two conditions are met:

1) You know the field well enough to detect automatization potential

2) You know at least the capabilities of computer programming

And other than all that, coding teaches problem solving skills. EVERYONE needs problem solving skills, it's literally MORE important than reading and writing.


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Yes, we need problem solving skills, but programming may not be the best tool to teach it. Debating, expressing yourself and trying to "win" a debate is also really insighful, maybe more than programming.