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Good website

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I agree!

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What my plan is? I go anywhere where I am needed to fix the mess. If you don't want to renew my contract, I have no issues with that enough other places I can go to fix things.

Why have I been staying with your company for so long? Because I love the work, I love the development team, and I don't like to go away from software that is not fully delivered. If I give the software, then I guarantee you that it will be easy maintainable, surprisingly simple, can survive bad deployments, works rock solid and near zero bugs.

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https://archive.fo/hdWX0 :

The best outsourcers fire themselves • The Register

'My rule of thumb, then, with outsourcing software development, is to ask the outsourcer what their plan to fire themselves is. ', "Commonly, a friend told me as I was sailing slices of rare steak through L'Entrecôte’s green sauce, outsourced projects boomerang back to the in-house staff."

'In the same analysis, Fersht suggests that there’s a ray of light for outsourcers if they, themselves, can only transform. '

'Bringing in outsourcers is proof that the organisation already mistrusted its in-house IT. Inevitably, the usual causes of failure - ever changing requirements, overly ambitious deadlines and budgets, etc - will plague the outsourcers’ efforts. '

'The outsourcer is wonderful, sure, but we need to make sure it holds up their end of the bargain. '

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