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Just a tip: dont take downvotes as opinion, there are people who hate this place (voat) and downvote good stuff. I cant wait, hopefully I'll learn something. Post on a couple of other subs like v/TellVoat or v/whatever to get a bigger turnout and hopefully encourage more specialists to do these types of stuff.

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My CS and programming classes are wrecking my face right now, so I'll try to get in on this. Not this weekend, but next time.

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PLEASE do engage on this! Try to keep in mind that what you are taught in school is academia and not necessarily what you need to know to exceed in the "real world"!!!!

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God I hope so. I bloody hate most of my projects. There are a few I had fun with where I was allowed actual choices in what I did.

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Obviously this was scrapped due to lack of participation by the community. Mod(s) please feel free to archive this post. Unfortunate that after all these years Voat still does not have the user base that it should.

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Go ahead and ask away! I'll be standing-by for the next three hours to answer your questions!

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Cybersecurity Q&A, 24 Hour Lead-Up Primer:

In order for this to be of use to the widest possible audience, it is recommended that questions be posed in a manner which would present the greatest knowledge gain for the widest audience possible while keeping in mind that the format is targeted to senior level practitioners. No questions will be considered off limits while they are within the realm of programming and cybersecurity so please consider the fact that the audience is GLOBAL and situations and circumstances may vary by region and nation.

Well formed questions will pose an actual and actionable problem, theoretical problems and edge-cases are not necessarily going to benefit everyone but if you strongly believe that the discussion in this regard will benefit those involved for some upcoming problem please don't hesitate to add it to the discussion. As always, time and upvoats will dictate the flow, but if a underserved topic or question remains and begs for further discussion please feel free to message me to engage on it.

It is suggested that all day one questions be posed BEFORE the start time so that the maximum amount of answers and interaction may take place.

Please be civil, this is meant to be an intellectual exchange of information and not an ePeen measurement contest.

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Me: https://voat.co/user/IlIlIlIl

You: https://voat.co/user/IllIllI

I don't really have any questions except why are you stealing my username???

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You sir, have a fabulous username. Good choice.

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So your a certified ethical hacker correct?

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I'm not going to provide any information that would identify me. Therefore, I am willing to say that I have been formally trained in those aspects you saw and reiterate that this is NOT about me or to benefit myself in any way, my goal with this is to share knowledge and information for those interested in the subject of Cybersecurity. I hope this doesn't come off as rude; my intention is to educate and promote the discussion of cybersecurity only.

Edit (clarification): I suppose if a mod needs proof in order to make this a successful venture I would provide proof.

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Never asked for info just simple yes or no comrade shit poster that is all. Sorry to offend