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We all make them, I suppose. I have made it a point to double check. I've made that many mistakes submitting.

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https://archive.fo/k8XVQ :

Deep in remote Oz, an antenna has 'heard' the oldest stars • The Register

'The dark matter analysis was published in a separate paper at Nature, by Rennan Barkana of the University of Tel Aviv. ', "The implication of a dark matter interaction, Mack wrote, is that it represents a proof of the stuff's existence, which has been hard to find.", "However, there's something wrong – and this is where dark matter might enter the picture.", "The observation has also set astronomers a brand-new puzzle: the signal's too strong, and that might indicate an interaction between baryons (ordinary matter) and dark matter."

'In this paper in Nature, they describe a 78 MHz signal they believe dates from stars that formed 13.6 billion years ago. '

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