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Nice to know they’re worried about important things like “misgendering” and “calling people by ‘dead’ or rejected names”—which i guess means not playing along w/some tranny’s mental illness.

And let’s be honest,...This is what happens when you start letting the useless SJW females and crazies into your project, they can’t really write code or fix bugs or make documentation. They just do stupid shit like this so they can say they are a “contributor”.

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OpenBSD's been the clear choice for years.

Beyond having been infiltrated by SJW's ages ago, FreeBSD's code-base is a buggy pile of shit that maybe a handful of people in the world want to do anything to secure. The rest of them just want to keep throwing on untested features and calling it awesome. One could make a list of the only things about it that are nice, but all of them would be outweighed by the cost of running something that's fundamentally insecure.

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Free only really went bad when they removed sysinstall, and replaced ports with a JSON-infested nightmare. Jordan Hubbard got employed by Apple a while back, and from memory he was pretty much the leader of the project. I don't know who's running things now, but if this is any indication, there are definite problems.

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If I had FreeBSD installed anywhere, I would purge it now. SJWism is cancer.

[–] tame 2 points 2 points (+4|-2) ago 

Why? Just keep the current version until a significant vulnerability is found, then switch to something secure.

You have to react rationally, not just emotionally. :P

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I like to take things on my own schedule rather than be "surprised" one day and have to act quickly.

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Not much I can do about my freenas install at this point :/

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I wonder what they'll change the "man" command to. It's short for manual, but it is "man". Can't wait to type in "genderfluidlgbt htop" instead

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It should have been called "woman" as soon as it started to give you pages of unwanted text about a command when you just wanted the syntax.

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There should be a man and a woman command, as well as genderfluid command that outputs the reason why the last command you typed was violent speech.

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They should change the command to "people".

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That faggot should had carried on with his artistic carrier, instead of becoming a politician. He looks so fake, dishonest and oftentimes pathetic.

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personual, or per for short.

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As someone who uses FreeBSD and finds it to be an awesome OS, this news is very disappointing. Radical politics has NO place in the code of conduct for a apolitical software project, and an important one at that.

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So much for the "free" part of FreeBSD.

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How about calling it ReeeBSD.

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When Microsoft started getting their hands into Linux anything "Free" went out the window.

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Hi friend, you might be interested to know while FreeBSD shares its unix roots with Linux, it is a whole nother kind of OS. Based on the BSD license with a different development philosophy. There are several differnt BDS (OpenBSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD among others) Pretty awesome right. Pity FreeBSD has adopted this mess of a code of conduct.... ahem new wave censorship.

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jesus fucking christ, more obscure laws. feminism loves its laws.

Simply put:

women (always playing victim) realize their power comes from the state. so women begin electing officials that are friendly to supplying the state with more power. when the power of the state becomes too strong, too filled with cryptic laws (behavior enforcement, criminalizing speech such as wrong pronouns), it becomes totalitarian. thus, feminism leads ultimately to totalitarianism.

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Dragonfly BSD & OpenBSD are amazing, they're both leaner than FreeBSD.

My Dragonfly BSD desktop is running GTK3 Firefox without dbus, *kits, pulseaudio/alsa or any of the linuxism shit. My OpenBSD laptop does all my torrenting, though OpenBSD is kind of slow. I love how on OpenBSD I don't need to deal with WPA_Supplicant to connect to wpa networks. :)

I just wish someone can get Wine to work on Dragonfly BSD, that would be awesome.

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Wine doesn't even work on linux half the time.

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If running windows apps would be "awesome", why dont you simply use windows in the first place?

Why bother investing effort to make Windows apps run on OpenBSD when all you want is to run windows apps?

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I've found virtualization to be slow & dual booting a pain. I needed flash player for a couple websites of websites, I used to run it using the linux compatibility layer but that was removed from Dragonfly BSD. I have been able to work around it but I would like to be able to use flash again.

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At least we still have NetBSD and OpenBSD.

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Don't forget DragonFly BSD which was a fork from the non-corrupted (version 4.8) GOOD DAYS of FreeBSD!

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