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it takes tonnes of hardwork, cutting through competition, persistent dealing with sexism

This is true, but most of the sexism is anti-male

and lot of patience to make place for yourself in this male-dominant

lolno. "There are mostly guys" does not equal "the guys only help other guys"

coveted industry.


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I don't understand this coveted industry meme, coders are basically low prestige factory workers in 90% of cases.

You're lucky as a coder to get an ergonomic work area that won't destroy your body and to get to go home at 5.

You get to make no decisions of any importance, often receive no respect from decision makers who know absolutely nothing about how to develop software and are grossly underpaid compared to actual engineers, even if you have equivalent ability and education, because most places only want code monkeys.

Yes, there are a few jobs that are fantastic, but the factory worker code monkey jobs are far more prevalent.

Do yourself a favor and become a chemical, electrical, or mechanical engineer.. or a doctor or lawyer. Go into something actually prestigious.

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Stay away from engineering. Unless you are truly stellar, it's a thankless profession for expendable drones in organizations that promote on diversity. You're much better off spending a few years learning a trade and then opening your own business. You might be able to open your own shop in civil, but much of the work is with government entities that select based on...diversity!

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You're clueless. A good coder who knows how to leverage their talent can make over 200 grand a year putting in ~20 hours a week from anywhere in the world. You're the golden goose and tentpole for 8-9 figure contracts

There's a hundred threads a day of neets bitching about being unemployed after sending out 300 job apps in 2 years /guys in their late 20s happy about making 15 an hour for the first time ever and I can't remember the last day I didn't have a 6 figure offer on the table from some friend/company or other

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I had to work my ass off to get where I am, but I work from home, make my own hours, and am a productive badass...the company I'm working for needs me, I've got them by the balls. I honestly can't imagine going back to a real job.

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You're in the wrong part of the country (world).

I've consistently made mid-six figures working from home for the past 10 years.

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Yea, I have never seen an Indian woman working in tech before.

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Any time I hear of some non Asian minority or a woman creating some amazing app I automatically assume it's a grab for fame and praise for something they didn't do. Because I see this played out in the industry a thousand times over even in companies I've worked for. Literally our worst developer was a female Asian and despite never producing working code that cost the company 10's if not 100's of thousands of dollars in production defects she was constantly given perfect reviews and praised. In the instance that I had to take work that she had 3 weeks to do and completely redo it on a Sunday because I was also tied to the deadline she some how got praise for it despite me being like 'hold the fuck on. Look at this commit log. I rewrote everything touched just 2 days ago.'

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Making simple apps isn't even that hard, I 100% believe some 16 year old could make one.

They could never make it secure and scalable without education and years of experience, but most successful apps will just hire people who can do that after finding success

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  1. Make shitty app.

  2. Hire 10000 employees to make it slightly less shitty and mine marketing data.

  3. Now you are Facebook.

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This feminazi bullshit about pushing women in every men's vocation has got to stop.

They need to go back to the kitchen, church, or rearing children. That's what their purpose in life is.

Traditional gender roles has been working for thousands of years, there is absolutely no reason to change it. If they want to work, they can work as a nurse, air stewardess, cleaner, or shit. NOT programmer because they can't code for shit but always get "celebrated" by all these leftard motherfuckers while the men in the background has to clean up the shitcode she made.

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"was a female ...and despite never producing...she was constantly given perfect reviews and praised. "

I've seen plenty of that. What's worse is that these women tend to get promoted very quickly. Before you know it, you're answering to one of these clueless babes. Things get even more interesting when they start sleeping their way up the org chart.

No point in crying about it though. Guys will do what they have always done. Figure out a way to solve or avoid the problem and succeed anyway.

Because that's what we do.

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It sounds like you don't know how to navigate the politics of the situation. Whether it's a dudette or a dude some pissant will always try to take credit for your work. The solution is to make an utterly impossible steaming pile of shit of an idea that sounds good, let them take all the credit for the idea, and then watch them fail.

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That's the problem. They fail and still get praise. Their section in this case was a subset of features I was expected to produce. My other underlings produced passable work. This one completely and utterly failed to follow specifications I wrote and despite daily checkins still failed. When I said "what happened here? The specifications had details down to the function names.". Answer was "I didn't read the spec". This was the simplest part of the overall feature so I was spending more effort overseeing the complex parts and implementing some of them on my own. My fault for not seeing that somewhat downs looking face and not knowing better.

In this case if they failed I failed. I don't like to fail and try to fail as little as possible. Especially on a release worth many millions of dollars in gained revenue.

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Reminds me of another young genius, the person of color popularly known as "clock boy"

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...may be she should ‘write’ the firmware for clock-boy next creation? they would have no problem raising capital for that one :-)

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He was rewarded for being muslim and bringing something to school that looked like a bomb. Unlike the white kid who chewed his bread into the shape of a gun and got expelled.

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Unsurprising. A female programmer turns out to be a fraud.

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females are psychologically spatially challenged, this is why they suck at equations and are confused over what to do and whether they are even competent.

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"As a full time dev myself (over 4 years of work experience) ..."

"There is no storyboard, lol. For any iOS dev who is just starting out, making an application without storyboards is just unbelievable."

??? I have over 20 years experience. I am not exactly sure what a storyboard is and I would not make one.

Edit: Oh right, storyboards are something for that Sprint process that is a pile of shit. A way to make project managers seem like they are doing something.

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Right now I spend from 9am - 11:30am every day in agile related meetings... tell me again how this is so productive?

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Agile is a blame distribution system. Everyone can fuck up, the product can miss, and no one is at fault

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But Agile overcomes the strawman Waterfall methodology ... that no one actually ever used in the first place. It is shoehorning in an extreme to counter nothing that ever existed in the first place.

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That’s about right ... i end up to almost 5 hours on some days.

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nope it’s a ios dev tool thingy.

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not if we scrum it!

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I remember Scrums back in about 2012. Then Sprints. About two years ago Agile which I guess is still going strong.

I could not explain the difference among any of them. Other than contractors (the shitty types) are making a lot of money pushing these retarded things on companies.

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I feel as though this story is what feminism is striving for. Women get all the glory, while some poor shmuck is doing all the work behind the scenes. They want all the praise and accolades, but don't want to work for it.

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They strive to enslave you for your labor.

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Found it funny that posting about that on reddit was removed.

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Funny is not a synonymn for predictable.

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Predictable nowadays I suppose, but once it was different. However nice to see reports of what kinds of stories reddit is trying to suppress. More reports like these and maybe more and more reddit users might see the light and dump that place.

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A lot of prodigies are frauds

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