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That has at least 2 old backups on it PLUS the system backup PLUS the system patrition so no its someone that keeps backing up a hard drive... to the same harddrive but has also done at least two new 'upgrades' rather than clean installs. So they can restore their harddrive. To the harddrive. If the harddrive fails....

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Yes, it is, especially if they've upgraded: then that large recovery partition is probably the old OS. The EFI partition is required for most systems, even in other OSes. The OEM partition is probably drivers, crapware, and recovery from a hardware button or BIOS choice. The smaller recovery partitions are also common in recent Windows versions.

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They did upgrade from windows 8

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format and install Linux

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Dilly dilly!

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A normal UEFI installation of Windows 7 and up needs 4 partitions

  1. MSR (don't know what it stands for)

  2. EFI System Partition (ESP)

  3. The usual Windows Reserved partition (shows up on BIOS installations as well since Vista)

  4. The actual Windows installation

In this case, you have two additional recovery partitions. They usually are that large because computer manufacturers like to cram in all their bloatware into a partition to "restore from".

My advice: Grab a clean ISO of Windows, wipe the drive and start over. Fuck OEM blaotware.

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Yes, and this is not programming related.

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That is true however it’s the only place on voat with enough dedicated traffic where I would find someone who knew what they were talking about. It is tangential to programming and thus - not a troll.

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If I remember right, Lenovo, Dell, HP, and some others had their own recovery partitions at some point so that if you used a recovery disc of theirs it had instructions to reload all the bloatware and call it a "clean default install". I see various Lenovo shortcuts in the background. There is a possibility of that being partly to blame.

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On a Linux server, that's totally reasonable (although, I'd rather see that across more than one or two spindles).

For Windows, that's a lot more slicing than I've ever seen.

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Stepfathers business. They would download a file called 'Virus.exe' and install it if I wasn't looking. Apparently I wasn't looking. I want to delete them all.

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Good chance that oem partition would let you do a clean restore. That would bey recommendation.

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Go download Linux/Win10 and nuke it. If you can't do that, backup the OS drive and then nuke it via restore. I'd just buy a new drive and start fresh.

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