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Voat’s community is borne out of petty politically motivated censorship elsewhere.

So yeah, we like what we like.

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Here too:


You guys make me giggle.

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Prolly cuz I have had the chance to post a shit town here yet.

I should spam a bunch for php. Cuz lots of haters exist :-)

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I submit PHP and JavaScript links just for the curmudgeon responses. I call 'em that, too. I call them curmudgeons, pretty much every day.

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I am a Laravel framework guy. I lived for a few months like 5 minutes away from the creator of it. It’s also why I moved back to the states. PHP is getting “better”.

JS. I really need to learn it but don’t want to use it on the back end.

I hate Java but love the concepts that has grown from it.

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Bitching is easier to learn from your parents than programming is. :D

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LOL Bitching? No, it's funny. Y'all crack me up.

I post submissions to this sub, pretty much every day. Usually, I do it for the curmudgeon responses. They make me giggle. On a good day, they'll argue about which programming language sucks the most. This amuses me far more than it should.

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Lol, not saying it isn't funny. The Voat curmudgeons as a whole can complain about millennials, but not everyone knows how to program.

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