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It means that compression algorithms (like cmix) have different tradeoffs (the lagrange lambdas), and you can optimize the cost "J" in order to compare and switch algorithms automatically, without external agents or users needing themselves to know about those tradeoffs. This sounds like sort of bleeding edge codec stuff, but maybe it's just a formalization of what they're already doing at his company, and which the tweak-by-intuition codec developers need to learn. The author relies on domain knowledge and context of other rants, or maybe familiarity with his company's work, which lends his post some ambiguity, but the comments on other posts show that his audience groks it.

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Sweet! Thanks!

Curiously - one of those links is highlighted in a different color, which means I've recently been there. (The Langrange multiplier link.)

Your answer mostly gives it some more meaning. By itself, it was really hard to figure out what the fuck he was on about. I figured I'd better make it clear that this was a link I knew nothing about.

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It's written in a weirdly high-level way, which makes it easy to follow if you can figure out wtf he's working on. The author must be brilliant to pull that off, which explains the fancy programming. If he packaged up his rants with a couple of charts or paragraphs of explanation, he'd have a really wide audience. It's a rare thing to find. I'm going to have to follow this blog now.

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Ummm, ummm, me neither. I don't get monoids either. Maybe I'm just dumb.

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Shit, I understand Lambda Calculus and I don't understand this. I'm kind of hoping someone comes along and explains it like i'm five.

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The 'lambda' he's talking about isn't a lambda function or anything fancy. It's just the name he's using for the speed/space tradeoff knob that compressors commonly give you. So for JPEG, for example, your 'quality' slider is adjusting lambda, but if you're cranking it way up to 99% then you're getting outside of JPEG's 'natural lambda' range and you should probably use PNG instead.