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I wouldn't pay for something you can get for free personally. Hundreds of resources for free python learning and dozens of amazing courses to teach you the language for free.

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yeah, there are and ive used a few but these are written by professionals and experts in their fields and they get more money out of this $15 sale than they do out of the $150 college textbook, plus a portion goes to charity!

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Yeah, but there's no need when the free resources are just as good if not better.

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Will it help someone who knows literally nothing about programming?

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depends on how able you are to learn, i pick things like this up pretty quick so it works great for me

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I've started watching Python tutorials for absolute beginners from CS Dojo on hooktube. I should be able to learn this given all the resources in the videos and books you linked to. Do you know if you need to have Mapt pro or anything after you purchase the bundle? Are the books just stored on your hard drive or do you access them online through a packt or mapt account?

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