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Who did this? Why do this? So many languages... So many options... And they pick JavaScript.

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I am as baffled as you are but figured v/Programming would give their wholehearted approval to such an idea!

Yes, yes I do antagonize this sub for my own amusement at times. I like the curmudgeon responses. They remind me of the peanut gallery on The Muppet Show.

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Event based languages are very very useful. Otherwise you end up with while loops eating up an entire process and junk like that, Javascript is not an ideal language but is it ever useful.

Languages like Python you can basically just use it to write scripts, you then need another layer outside of it that is the real "application", the thing that you run, but it's lower level like a bash script. That networks a complex infrastructure of shit together. Need something to run at a certain time of the day? Set a cron job. Javascript all I have to do is calculate the number of ms I want a piece of code not to do anything and done.

There's memory leak issues that are easy to run into coding but ultimately Es2015+ is awesome.

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I met a group of people that had been working on a micro-sat. It was running ubuntu and they were using MySQL for data storage.... I was wondering why the hell they thought it was a good idea to put either of those in orbit and they didn't have a good response.

Unfortunately, the rocket exploded on the pad.

Not even joking. I can probably dig up the sources if anyone is really interested. (This was a few years ago).

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I love me some Linux, but wouldn't an RTOS that's small and designed for failover and redundancy be a better choice for a satellite?

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Yes, yes it would be. That is why I was so baffled. It was grant supported and student designed so I almost understood the choices.. But still. I had some pretty basic questions about the system layout/design and they couldn't answer them. "That guy isn't here this year".

Plus. Really? Launching MySQL into orbit is just asking for pain.

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I understand the logic, this way you separate dangerous code from messing with your OS. If they developed it in C++ then there is a chance that it compromises the flight systems.

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Wannabe web "programmers" at it again!