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Gawd, I remember reading the draft versions of C++ when Stroustup was still writing them.

I remember thinking it was a crock of shit when I saw things like ++ is an l-value.

Never used it again. C was the best C.


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My code was eventually taken by competent programmers and converted to C++. In fact, they took away my commit privs on my own code.

It was for the best, as I'm particularly horrible at it. I've worked with great programmers, thankfully. I can hack something out but you don't want it in production. I also used to code while drinking, often heavily, and would comment EVERYTHING. I'm not kidding, I mean everything. I have had more lines of comments than of code.

Fortunately, I'm retired. The scary thing is, my code has probably impacted your life. I modeled traffic and eventually also modeled pedestrian traffic. Yup... Fortunately, I hired professionals as soon as it was fiscally viable.

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I keep on seeing these changes in C++, but so far most of the features are basically useless and makes C++ even more confusing to use.

An all I wanted is to have a clear error when I made a typing mistake. I still need a day of reading the compiler errors logged to discover that I somehow forgot a simple ';' somewhere out there.