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Agile and 'anyone can learn to code.'

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Software engineering is hard and the industry is flooded with under skilled SJWs and diversity hires. Imagine if architecture was structured that way, structural engineers crying all day about the white man bringing them down. The fucking country would literally fall apart. You have shitty software because it's a cushy job that pays well so it's targeted by activists.

It's also largely run by betas. Every dude who was good at life, had a life, so wasn't interested in computers or software. Betas spent all their time on computers and are now leaders in the industry, they fold for those SJW activists.

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I only use linux "apps" (which are generally well made) or web apps, so in that context: Javascript.

I never understood the trust or ignorance people have installing apps on their phones. I don't even let google services on my phone anymore.

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I also hate the fact that they don't optimize anything anymore, it's throw more resources at problems.