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Be careful with Hooktube, it is a single point of failure. If it gets taken down then you lose all your links you collected.

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This is why you, and everyone else needs to download any and all relevant videos you come across. We can rebuild if enough people are downloading.

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link hooktube with siacoin

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Isn't that basically DuckDuckGo? (Maybe with the !g option.)

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The !g option literally uses google search, it's identical to typing your search into the google search box. Otherwise you're right, they aggregate their results from Google and other search services.

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i was going to tell that's what startpage does.

i do agree startpages sucks.

then there is https://searx.me which always errors out every other search it's annyoing.

you just need a proxy setup to search google like startpage does

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Just pulling the results isn't enough. There needs to be a new algorithm written that manipulates theirs, to rank sites fairly. This would result in a cat an mouse game unless everything was backed up, in which it would have a nice foundation of a google fork to build upon.

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i know a lot of search results are based of users history so this may cause issues.

so sounds like you'd have build your own competing search algorithm.

edit: wrong word used