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The actual thought crimes have been redacted, making it hard to see what he actually did.

Apparently he tweeted a link to an article that's against Codes of Conduct for open source projects, and also failed to use gender-neutral pronouns.

1) thoughtless use of pronouns 2) assumptions of gender


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IN all fairness, the people who left/forked and are responsible for this nonsense are philosophical trainwrecks.

I know it's probably a bias on my part but I like to think that most engineers are pragmatic and dedicated to philosophical realism rather than subjectiveism or egalitarianism. Apparently not, however.

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https://archive.fo/usLHc | :

Node.js forks again – this time it's a war of words over anti-sex-pest codes of conduct • The Register

'In his summary of the complaints against Vagg, steering committee member Jason Snell wrote, "Most recently Rod tweeted in support of an inflammatory anti-Code-of-Conduct article. '

'Fellow TSC member Byran Hughes, technical evangelist at Microsoft, also posted an explanation for his departure. ', "Updated The Node.js community has again turned against itself, this time over a failed vote to oust a controversial member of the project's technical steering committee (TSC) over alleged code-of-conduct violations."

'Vagg did not participate in the vote and two other committee members abstained. '

'"The majority of Node.js TSC members have repeatedly shown that they do not want to handle the situation, with some going so far as to say they do not even think there is a problem," he wrote. '

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