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Yes, Python is Slow, and I Don't Care

Neither do I -- I'm too busy using real languages.

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The most important metric is time-to-market. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how fast your product/web app is. It doesn’t matter what language its written in. It doesn't even matter how much money it takes to run. At the end of the day, the one thing that will make your company survive or die is time-to-market.

I disagree. Look at all the modern day apps and software. They really suck at ergonomics and productivity.

I have personally seen how very responsive user interfaces have turned into user interfaces that are slooooooowwwwww because of usages of micro services architecture.

I see an explosion of hardware needed to run that same application that is 5 years old. I see an explosion of number of developers that need to support that same application. I see an explosion of complexity making way of more and more bugs. I see an explosion risk that something will break and bring down the complete micro services architecture by an cascading failure.

In the real world there is enormous productivity loss for users because users are forced to work on slow user interfaces that needs way too many mouse click and scrolls to preform their daily routine.

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If your company still exists and is profitable in 5 years time you will certainly have rewritten your code in something more efficient. It's not saying "performance doesn't matter", it's saying "performance doesn't matter if no-one ever uses your product." And if your product never reaches the market, no-one will ever use it.

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It is losing being profitable because since they went to services and now micro-services way the cost of developing the software, the cost of keeping the hardware running, the cost of the number of IT people needed to operate, the electricity bills, the number of developers they need has exploded. No one can afford the micro-service architecture it is too expensive and contributes nothing to the original product.

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Be careful you don't end up writing something like this abortion: https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=aDthslQMVsU The "programmers" thought the same thing, and as a result it has wicked lag between user input and actual drawing.

Performance matters a lot for some things and not very much at all for other things. Don't be stupid.

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What the fuck did I just watch?