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People are going to shoot me down but I don't care. As a developer you should always be honest of what you think.

  1. The Open source way is not the way to go too. Look at Linux, 20 years in the making millions of people all working on the project and only now starts Linux to get at the desktop level of Windows. This suggest that the Open source community is fighting each other more than they produce good code. Or it put it this way: A good developer creates a good functionality and then some 2 idiots undo your hard work.

  2. Windows is a l large scale project, every new iteration will increase complexity exponentially. Too many things to stay backwards compatible.

  3. This new way of AGILE and rapid release cycle is also no solution. You get faster results, however it comes at a huge cost that will only be visible 3 years into the development cycle. Since the AGILE idea is sold as "anyone can do anything from anyone" managers are now busy to fire very experienced developers because hell everyone can do it. There is a code deterioration happening that only experienced developers realize. A threshold will get crossed to a point of no return. That threshold will be when old hardware suddenly do not get supported anymore and no one in the AGILE team is prepared since they lost good developers. No one is left to fix that thing. No one is even capable to fix it.

My point in all this, is that in software there is no one single good solution for every type of project. They all suck, some more some less.


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"So in addition to the above problems with decision-making, each team had no idea what the other team was actually doing until it had been done for weeks."

I believe this is how it works with most technology out there to keep them as seperate teams. This enables singleminded focus but on the downside no one knows the FULL capabilities of the tech.

It's clever by dividing overall tasks you limit being sold out to your competitors while also getting away with stuff.