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This test will only find average developers.

Average developer will follow "logical order" and will find design patterns great and develop like (Polish Notation) in calculators. It works but it is slow and you are focused on the syntax instead of the solution. HR loves these people because they can quantize them in their power point presentation. It is a bingo game when that developer use the bingo word like "observable" and "factory" .....

Good developers focus on the solution and they don't care about the syntax or design patterns. This is similar like in the calculator world RPN. The way they enter the values into the calculator is like good developers building the code in a different order that reflects how they solve the issue. It reflects how they think. The syntax will be cleaned up after the solution works. The end result will always be very easy to maintain code, fast, compact, easy deployable, easy to read, very stable, near zero bugs and fail proof deployment.

This Skype test will freak the HR out and convince them that you have a mad lunatic developer at the other side and terminate the session before he has a chance to complete. The only way to test a good developer is hire him and throw him at your worst code and ask him to refactor this. If your project that failed suddenly starts to work then you have a good developer.

What is Reverse Polish Notation? http://www.calculator.org/rpn.aspx

The Joys of RPN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPKg_JtI-Ys


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https://archive.is/6KvEE | https://files.catbox.moe/b0ycn2.png :

Skype’s new ‘Interviews’ feature lets you test candidates using a real-time code editor | TechCrunch

'At launch, it supports seven popular programming languages, including C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby. '

'From a dedicated website, interviewers can test candidates in seven programing languages over Skype using a real-time code editor. '

'Skype recently introduced a feature designed to cement its place among business users who aren’t as interested in things like emoji reactions or “Stories.” It now supports conducting technical interviews via its service through a new Skype Interviews feature. '

'Meanwhile, the in-browser code editor lets candidates runs their code and check results, and it includes real-time inline syntax highlighting to help them catch mistakes. '

'Instead, the interviewer just visits the Skype Interviews website and clicks “Start Interview” to begin. '

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Someone has to tell HR that this is not the way to find good developers!

Good developers can think in multiple dimension and won't shine in this small sample test. They shine in complicated, hard to code solutions that can bring down the civilization and yet they master this beast it like a gentle breeze.

The only thing this test will do is to find the average developer that will cripple your project.