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The issues raised by the pending motions and additional briefing now before the Court compel the Court to examine serious issues, namely national security and the preservation of the rights and liberties guaranteed by the United States Constitution. The Court finds the predicament delicate and the resolution must strike a balance of those significant competing interests.

Based on the public record, the Court finds that the Plaintiffs have failed to establish a sufficient factual basis to find they have standing to sue under the Fourth Amendment regarding the possible interception of their Internet communications. Further, having reviewed the Government Defendants’ classified submissions, the Court finds that the Claim must be dismissed because even if Plaintiffs could establish standing, a potential Fourth Amendment Claim would have to be dismissed on the basis that any possible defenses would require impermissible disclosure of state secret information.

Which means: the "balance" between rule of law and the interests of the regime, always favors the regime. Which means: the US constitution is a worthless scrap of paper and the USA is a dictatorship.


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Sometimes, fighting the good fight is very difficult. I really hope they eventually get to see more wins :c