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The Proud-Boys are hardly far-right wing. In a sense these men of color probably see the same problem around them, whether its radical feminism, Communism, and multi-culturalism maybe even and they want to combat it. There is nothing wrong with this at all.

They want a society that values culture, value, and social order. I guess anyone who wants a respectable system now a days is considered far-right. Its funny they are attacking the multi-cultural aspect of it, it sort of shows you the major negative forces in our system are the Communists, like ANTIFA, and radical feminism.

The other thing is that some of these colored guys might not have the best motives for getting involved in the White-Supremacist movement. White Supremacism is found among Zionistic factions and tends to promote its models and to a lesser extent Communism, in its more extreme varieties. White preservationism is the way to go, let any white supremacism conform to that model. That is the far-right personified.