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Pawn Stars has real things on there in between some made up bullshit. CNN pretty much just has made up bullshit anymore. V/LyingNewsMedia

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There has to be some sort of organizational policy to "keep it on CNN" at Airports, Military Bases, and other government facilities. Who is flipping it to those channels?

The channel is on every time I visit such facilities. I cringe as I am in the waiting room and I am listening to their bias and smearing. I have to suffer as I see others react to the propaganda and I am unable to do anything about it aside from getting up and physically changing the channel, and probably actually be removed by security or even face charges.

This is what it is like to be aware of propaganda even while others are not.

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I would have to look for the source but I read that many of those places were being paid to show CNN as the dominate news channel (Only the private clubs/lounges could pick what they wanted on their TV's).

[edit] Well that was easy to find.


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Better save that link.

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Back in the 80's CNN was the shit. They were on when all the local channels had 'snow'. You got news from all around the world. It was awesome. Now, they are a propaganda arm of a political party.

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I will be much more satisfied the moment that cnn drops below any rated show to the point where they can no longer compare it to anything anywhere....it will have a rating all it's own...the below zero column.

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There was an old rag they used to sell in the checkout aisles that basically made sensationalist claims about all kinds of made up shit. This is CNN

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Weekly World News! Batboy lives!

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Nothing can save Cancer News Network now. Put fake news where it belongs; the garbage!

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Die already! CNN is like those trick candles that relight after you extinguish them.

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Haven't watched tv in a while, pawn stars has its own channel now?

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