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This is hilarious. This guy skates by because he's so clever the left don't understand that he is mocking them.

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Were it news articles, it would be something. But coordinated opinion pieces, DUH....

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free press is not the enemy.

a press monopoly is the enemy.

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https://tweetsave.com/iowahawkblog/status/1030072912936677376 :

David Burge on Twitter: "If people who think the press is the enemy can't be persuaded by 350 identical newspapers editorials, I guess I there's no hope for them /lWbFNJRZ38"

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So 350 papers colluded to run a editorial piece about how they don't collude.... Hummmmmmm

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Anyone else see a weird message when they first access Twatter from voat?

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I love putting random twitters. Some of the best wisdom, or verbiage.

Of course with 6 billion people and only a relative handful of newspapers or news people, its just the math. Once the people can talk amongst themselves everything changes.

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It hasn't changed yet. The Jews keep a nice, tight noose around our necks, and the noose is tightening.

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Maybe they can try not letting us read and be a crime for being literate.

Everything going on now is some form of that very thing. If a group of people must subsist by trying to make others do what they alone want, how smart are they really? It takes a lot more intelligence to live right, do well with other people, and develop an build stable sustainable civilization, by far, than the former.

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Don't use Twitter, or any of the other big social media services, and the noose begins to disappear.

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