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Amazing that they go out of their way to paint trump voters as white supremacist hicks but yet they have committed to making their panel diverse.

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I like the token black dude.

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I would prefer a Tolkein black dude.

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I don't like him.

[–] WORF_MOTORBOATS_TROI 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

No white women though because they are still butthurt that white women supported trump and not hillary

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"See, shiksa? You're all alone if you support Trump. You don't want to be all alone, do you?"

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Disgruntled Bernie-Bro?

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Yup, a number of them voted for Trump in protest, but make no bones how much they hate him.

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Disgruntled Bernie bro here. I figured Trump couldn't possibly be worse than Hillary. I'm still not convinced that things are rosy (still waiting for him to drain the swamp), but I don't hate him.

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In a weird sense, their Trump protest vote has probably been one of the loudest protest votes in our history. I'm happy Trump is president over Hillary, but the Democrats really crossed the line by rigging their primaries then saying they had the right to do so when challenged in court.

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C'mon the guy's wearing a black shirt and purple tie: no Trump voter would ever wear that. They're not even trying.

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and they cry about being referred to as the enemy of the people. They are enemy #1

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Ridicule CNN, their viewers, and everyone on their staff

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Pay your gas bills

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Is English your native language? That's not an insult, I'm truly curious.

I'll explain my curiosity. It's 'stacked the deck' or maybe 'stacks'. Punch is spiked, decks are stacked. It makes me wonder if you're not a native speaker.

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Native speaker but this was more than just a stacked deck, it was spiked. Passing off a commie as a Trump supporter is as low as a news organization can go.

They really poisoned the well on this one.

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Hmm... It still doesn't make any sense, but okay.

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I too enjoy mixing metaphors. Variety is the box of chocolates of life you know

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autist of the month