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"The position, properly filled requires someone with both competence and a conscience, Sarah has the first in excess and but not a shred of the second. I don’t think anyone should support someone who does not seem to be an actual believer in the values they espouse, but is instead a follower of convenience and absolutely comfortable it betraying those values when it serves her own ends."

  • And that is exactly why she is where she is. You don't get to the top in liberal media unless you're a certifiable snake.


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True poverty is not being able to afford some small principles.

Holy fuck that’s profound. This girl is hardcore.


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That struck me too. Fuck Sarah Jeong.


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one day a man will beat you, and you should keep getting up until his hand is broken to teach him the lesson that it will never be easy.

Solid advice. The libtard press would do well to not cause trouble for people with that attitude.


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Naomi is still trusting the New York Times.

They're the people that denied the Holodomor was happening because they didn't want the America and the west to get involved and maybe put a dent in their precious communist project.

The Times has been lying about that for decades saying it was an honest mistake. If the West had have gotten involved, WW2 would likely never have happened.


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I didn't really give a shit about Jeong until this. I figured she was another piece in the war against my tribe, and anyone that reads her shit already ain't on my side...

Holy shit what a cunt though.


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sent on behalf of the exact sort of “privileged White man” she claims to despise

I think she means kikes