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Female editor, she only has 34 hours a week. She doesnt have time to read every scrap of paper thrown on her desk.

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yep gotta fit gossip time and office reiki sessions in with that too.

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actual article - note the title change (visible in archive history).

The argument is, including unpaid hours of work, like housework, women work more hours than men. Which is interesting, but how hard is the work? And how much of that work is effectively paid for by men for them to do?

This is just another apples-and-oranges comparison, just like the wage-gap argument.

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You're saying men go home and then turn into a zombie? They don't do any work around the house?? Okay...

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I know that's what I do.

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That’s fucking dumb (not what you’re saying, but the article). It shows the inequality between work hours for men and women. If men still on average work more than women, yet women are working more hours now on average, yet still less than men, that just shows me things are becoming more equal between the two sexes.

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An hour cleaning out the gutters on the weekend, or changing the oil in the car is of no value and shouldn't be counted either. But when Ms Piggie orders takeout that counts as an hour of house work. You guys must not have paid much attention in your gender studies classes, this is like 101 level stuff...

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almost as if they decided on a view point and push that, regardless of facts. im shocked.

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Thats just laziness

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49 hours, lol easy week.

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The part of the story in the cap is so self contradictory and messy that it could pass as the work of a high school junior with a C average. Pathetic that anyone but the writer ever read this trash.

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you are caught up on the number of hours and you totally ignore that a woman's hour is longer than a man's

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I don't see how the length of an hour can be different for men and women. An hour is an hour.

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