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Here is a storage area that gets much use in the alaknak. Today is my first day off in a while and havent yet started on cleaning it. The drawers are very handy an a small quarters situation. There's hygiene in the top. batteries, laptop, cords in the second. Sewing, cuting, pens lighters etc in lower. The top is marble. The tote on the ground i have another just like it with its own lid. They can nest together.


^yeah, i gotta clean... Anyways the tote behind the stove is for food. Those long totes to the right i bought because theyd be good for geo-caching because of the low profile; they store handily though in here too.

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A clean workspace is a productive workspace. It's a safe workspace. A workspace saves you money from experts you might call.

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All the above & more, you don't even need a ton of tools just a clear area to use the ones you have.

Your last point though, that should be bronzed and put up on everyone's wall.

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You would think it makes sense but it's common sense so not very common.

Also: Put your damned tools away properly. You're not in a hurry when you're done but you might be in a hurry when you pull them out.

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Absolutely agree with this opinion. It is really important to remember about it. I was thinking a lot about my workspace and even checked some spacie advices about importance of sorted workspace. I realized that it's one of the crucial features in any work.

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Regarding how to sort your tools, this is what I do with mine: I have them broken down by task and stored by that relationship. Tool storage is based on toolboxes, general/household, automotive, carpentry, electrical, etc. Done this way any job is 1-2 toolboxes, rarely a 3rd. The worst is the apartment-sized rollaround toolbox. Yes, it will store them all but it is only useful if your project can be brought to it. Not realistic in most cases and so you need to pull tools out, put them into another container, and then take them to the job. Inefficient as heck.