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This is 'in testing'

Sugru is this moldable putty that is of silicone polymer variety. 30 min working time and 24 hour cure and it has some gnarly warnings about skin sensitivity but we'll see. Not like im building a pipe out of it. It does 350degrees though.

Chewing gum could suffice for this shit. Matter of fact if they had a chewing gum that mixed with baking soda and was putty thad be some tackle mate!!

Whew i gotta go

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You should google how to make your own/open source sugru. MUCH CHEAPER, and when shtf, you'll want to know how to make this with stuff you find ;)

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Sculpey works pretty well in low-med strength applications if heat cured.

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Huh never thought about that.

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These bumps will hold solar lights and wet articles https://imgtc.com/PoQ1q0X