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I did a lot of organizing. My living space is small, I don't have a lot of storage. My closets were in desperate need of relief.

I hung a bunch of gear on my wall. My backpacking packs are all stocked and ready to go there.

I took a cargo net and hung it above a section of my room. Pulling it very tight, I tossed my extra sleeping bags/pads, blankets, and other light weight camping gear up there.

Now much of my backpacking / camping gear is laid out better and I can more easily access other items in my closets.

May seem silly, but having gear/preps isn't much use if you can't easily access and use them.

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Aye. I've been thinking about cargo netting in various places for organization.

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I had been tossing around the idea for awhile. It worked out really well. I did have to do some adjustments to get it tight enough that I could walk under it.

Harbor Freight had the net and D ring tie downs at a good price. After that it didn't take long to get it mounted.

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A buddy of mine is selling his mini portable AC unit for $60. It has excellent reviews and since my upstairs doesn't have AC, I figure it's a good prep, especially since that means I can start storing heat sensitive things upstairs now.

Florence is headed squarely at me. I'll have a chance to test my preps.

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Good luck weathering the storm. Looks like it will be a powerful one.

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Ayup. Really gonna stress test them though. I have a friend and his family coming to stay from off the coast. They have nowhere else to go and I'm sitting well at the moment.

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makin cash to put back a stash

building my cred to put back some bread

workin in the heat to put back some meat

on my knees to the the Father praying I got enough water