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Mostly gardening stuff which involves a bit of learning. Like... sunflower seeds. Did you know that they contain an insane amount of purple pigment? And that said pigment can stain some metals? So if I ever need to dye my clothes purple...

Got an old version of a boy scouts handbook and have been flipping through it, thinking about using it as a kind of basic instruction manual.

Been doing a bunch of other stuff, nothing truly related to prepping unless you count property maintenance.

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i keep harvesting veggies and fruit from the garden, processing it all and stocking our many freezers. ordered two swat-t tourniquets and 'civilian' israeli bandages, ten cravats. researching fire extinguishers. bought a car battery charger and am topping up my batteries right now.

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My car battery charge is more useful than I though it would have been. Not for my every day car. But for the mower and the truck (24V so two batteries).

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I picked up 20g of gallium this weekend. It's perfect for low effort and stealthy destruction of any aluminum alloy.

What I've found the best method to use it is my taking a small ~3 gram chunk and covering it in about a 1/4" thick ball of modeling clay, at hatching it to the target,and then hitting straight through the clay and the gallium with a steel brad. This removes the oxydite layer of the aluminum and will permit the gallium to work it's magic.

Here's it in action. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=k919f7Qi4es

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Were you intending to post a link? Because, you know, it's not there :(

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Oh weird. Here it is again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k919f7Qi4es

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I've been gearing up to hit the road. Living in the forest off grid has been fun this summer, but 6 months is about enough.

I'm currently searching for a new place to build in the southwest this winter, but I might have to search a few states along the way...

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How did you live in the forest? Do you own a piece of land, did you car-camp on national forest land, or did you rent some place?

Have you gotten any ticks or seen any ticks? I've noticed a huge increase in ticks in W WA forests. I had two bites and saw several on the ground. One of them was a western blacklegged tick which can transmit Lyme.

Edit: I know this because you can send ticks in to be tested at a WA Dept of health lab for free. Save your old pill bottles and it's easier. Last year I noticed no ticks. This year there are lots of them. In past years I noticed no ticks too. I may not have been paying as much attention in previous years as this year (after getting my first tick bite ever during a trip to Idaho) but I doubt that's the reason. I definitely would have noticed an engorged tick hanging off me so I think recent news articles are right. Those articles say tick populations are growing and moving to areas where previously there were no or few ticks. It is making me more interested in making my eventual, long-term strategic re-location spot be a place that doesn't have tick habitat. Tick habitat is tall grass, brush and trees. Iceland apparently doesn't have ticks, based on a quick google. That's probably why many places in Alaska lack ticks and why ticks are slowly increasing in SE AK.

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Canned more stuff, filled up thin areas in the stocked/dry goods, and picked out a new wood stove!