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Fitness is the best prep.

After that, knowledge.

Only then should you focus on gear.

As an asife, figure 1 gallon of water per person per day. Stock up on canned food since it is good as long as it stays sealed. Light, fire, a good knife, carry at least $100 cash at all times.

Also, don't let anyone know you prep. If things go down, people will come to you for help. You can't help everyone so you will be blamed for not letting people know, your preps will be stolen.

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Do everything yourself. Auto repair, home repair, gun repair, design a solar power system, build some small electric gadgets, grow your own food, raise some animals, walk or bike instead of drive... Having a breadth of skills that can be useful in many situations is usually going to be far more valuable than any particular stash of commodities. Also, stock up on salt, baking soda, and ammo.

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What's the baking soda for?

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Cooking, cleaning, general health (like a mild antacid). Do you know where baking soda comes from? Do you know how to make or get more? Do you know how to make any cleaning product but lye or soap without it? Do you think you're going to be making biscuits or pancakes without it?

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Just learn bushcraft/primitive skills, and how to build/fix things. The more stuff you have, and have to rely upon and attempt to protect post collapse, the more you're tied to a location, and the bigger target you are. Prep your mind and your body. Bury small caches of food and weapons along you're escape/foraging routes. Start building tribe now.

Lavoy Finicum's book Only by Blood and Suffering is a great read and a pretty accurate rundown of what happens when industrial societies collapse.

Strategic Relocation by Joel Skousen is another must read.

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Good start. Thanks!

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I firmly agree that fitness is the best preparedness, closely followed by self sufficiency, such as doing your own automotive work, growing your own food, hunting, bushcraft, and all that stuff. A boring but often forgotten part of prepping is making copies of your important documents. In my emergency bag at home I have copies of all of my family member's social security cards, drivers licenses, concealed carry permits (a good way to prove you have a clean criminal record), birth certificates, health records, and even a few things like diplomas and my mom's license for her job. I keep the copies in waterproof sleeves, you could laminate them too if you like. Make sure you keep any important document copies locked up in a safe like where I keep my bag. After that ammo, guns, survival supplies, cool gadgets and all the more entertaining stuff. Just make sure whatever you get you train with it so you can actually use it.

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How you prepare is going to be based upon where you are. If you live in a sub-urban area or in metro area is going to require a lot different strategy than living at the end of a 20 mile dirt road.

Your first concern in a urban area is going to be the scarcity of energy. (No fuel or electricity) This is going to curtail your movement and even your long term survival. With no energy there will be no water or refrigeration so all your food will have to be canned items or dry items. Even dry items need water to reconstitute and when the water is gone you got 72 hours to live. If you store water REMEMBER that you will need about 2 gallons of water per day for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. (cleanining and sanitation are probably more important than food) Just think about it, all that pasta, rice and beans that you stored are going to turn into shit. How do you get rid of the shit when there is no water to flush. When the civic services fail then so will the sewage system and water system. Can you say shit out of luck. If you have a family of three you will need to store 600 gallons of water to last just 100 days. (three months) To last 6 months will take a tanker truck of water. which you will not be able to hide to any degree.

To get a feel for what happens when the civil society breaks down read some accounts about what happened during the Siege of Sarajevo during the Bosnian Civil War. The most surprising thing is human beings become a nocturnal society with all movement and activity done at night in the dark.

To some up my arguments Just think about what will happen when there is no fuel, no electricity, no lights, no water, no sewage, and every body out there is fighting like a pack of mangy dogs over scraps.

Last but not least is you have to be able to not call attenuation to your self. That is going to be impossible when every body else is starving and they smell you cooking up a batch of Dinty Moor beef stew. You are going to have the whole neighborhood tearing down your door to share (or more likely take) what you got. Just think about it. All government from the national government down to the city council get their power by taking from those who have and giving to those who have not and taking their 25% cut from the middle.

Also when you start stocking up

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Join the Marines.

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I'd recommend starting with putting back 1 week of what you need. Water, food, electrical (battery powered things like a flashlight and radio). Get a gun, some ammo for it, and training. Gotta make sure you can protect your preps! Come up with plans with your family about how you will behave if things go wrong (what route will you take to get home from work?).

Lots of other people are chiming in, so I'll leave my comments here.

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