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When I was in basic training for the Army, pretty much everyone absolutely sucked training on the M16. You don't pass if you don't hit the target and most recruits couldn't.

So, the First Sergeant, knowing that most recruits can't pass said, "Anyone who qualifies Expert on their first go gets an hour free from bullshit and I'll pay for a dinner delivered from any restaurant he wants". Anyone who has been to basic training knows this is a pretty big deal.

So, in the end, out of probably 200 recruits, 5 of us won. My secret? I had a BB gun as a kid. Those things have absolutely no accuracy at all. So, if you want to hit anything reliably with it, you need to have perfect form. If you can hit a soda can at 10 meters with a BB gun, hitting a silhouette with an M16 at 300 meters is a piece of cake.

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Definitely good for hunting small game. Pellets are cheap relative to bullets. However I've found my setup doesn't usually kill first shot if it hits the body of a squirrel or rabbit ( .177 at 1200 fps). Not a big deal though, immobilizes them enough such that you can run up on them after a hit and finish them off however you choose. If you use lead pellets make sure you dig em out before you eat it

If you're looking for an instant kill after the first hit maybe try an air rifle chambered for .22 caliber pellets, idk I only have .177 air rifles.

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Nice article