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Thanks for posting and reminding me to check my first aid case.


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Absolutely! Glad to help.


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Damn, this is good.

I think I spoke with you earlier about the fish meds. Still haven't bought any. Apparently there is NO cure-all antibiotic and you must buy a few different types (and know their uses).

That's as far as I got.

Edit: also there's one antibiotic that turns toxic as it ages, so watch out for that shit, goats.


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Right, I think we did. I've found a place nearby that has fish meds explicitly for prepping.

You have to learn the general type of antibiotic for your problem or things can either get worse of have no change. It's a huge field but a little learning goes a long way.


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Colloidal silver is pretty good. Must be freshly made though i.e used within two weeks of making.


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Hey man, looks alright, but I got some comments if you're cool with that:

-ditch the celox for the INCH set, that shit never comes out and infections are a thing. In exchange, get more stri-strips and suture kits.

-you've got no diagnostic gear: you should have a bp cuff, glycometer, steth, flashlight (if you don't have one), 02 / bp finger clamp. This shit matters.

-you've got no airway gear: a cheap BVM, a basic set of NPA's and OPA's. People choke on hot dogs every day. Think about a hand held suction machine with spare tips

-you should get some pedolight or equivalent electrolights in tablet form

-suggested: medical grade hot or cold packs (just a couple)

-I'd expect to see some medicine in an INCH bag, general anti-biotics, some non-opioid painkillers (talk to your doctor, do some google-fu prior), Infections can and will kill, it's a horrible way to go.

-plastic sheets to wrap bodies in

-nitrile gloves yo, lots. more lots. practice with them too, cover your hands in shaving cream and take them off without touching yourself (not that way).

-n95 mask, because that fat pig is gonna give you ebola (ebola-chan is a nice girl, she loves you and wants to spend the rest of your life with you)

-iodine, lots of iodine. works for everything (including ebola)

-toss the scalpels, get a skinning knife that takes the blades. they come strile.

-burn pads. 10/10 burn victims agree: "they're cool"

-another set of shears, get ones that you can run through a sterilizer

You are super focused on trauma and that's fine, but that should be in your beefy first aid bag Fixing them after and prevention should be in your INCH set.


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Whoa, okay, in order then.


Was not aware. Surface and dire emergencies then as long as I have it. Good to know. Noted on the suture kits.

Diagnostic gear

My first goal was the emergencies, not long term. Noted on the diagnostics, will start working on that. Thanks.

Airway gear

This is mostly for myself but there's a guy who might actually end up at my place if SHTF. He's old, bullheaded, and slow to learn. I don't expect him to live long if things go down. But noted and will consider at least one piece of gear for this.


Pedialyte, no pedos for me. It's not in the emergency kit but I have some powdered in the foodwares. Amazon - /Pedialyte-Electrolyte-Powder-Variety-Hydration/dp/B004M1BOC6 is one such example where you can store it.


I'm waiting until I get a little learning under my belt. I'm pretty stout, haven't been actually ill (not even a cold) in like 6 years. So it's not in my high priority list until I have that learning. No point in spending the cash on something only to find I got the wrong stuff. Further, I don't even react to poison ivy, etc so nothing there for that for me.

Plastic sheet for bodies

If it's just me, I don't care. If my buddy dies, I'll say a few words and move camp.

nitrile gloves

Are in another part of the pack.

n95 mask.

In another part of my gear.


In another part of the gear. Nascent iodine, to be specific. If I need more iodine tablets than the 14 I have in the kit, I'm in the wrong part of the country and might not make it out anyway.

Scalpels... skinning knife...

Do you have an example link?

Burn pads

Hmmm, one or two, maybe. Noted.

More shears

I have one in each kit. They can indeed be sterilized.

focused on trauma, prevention

That was the goal of this tier setup with the straps and removability. The first goal is to survive the trauma, after that, I should be where I need to. But I'll work on the prevention bit too.


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This is my diagnostic and trauma kit: https://files.catbox.moe/ztlca2.jpg

It's small. Where it gets bigger is when I got the 02/airway kit going. The vast majority of trauma can be solved with a stack of gauze, a couple triangular bandages, disinfectant, and a suture kit. Is it pretty? No. But the goal is to hold the blood in. For gunshots to the arms, legs, and chest: a tourniquet and chest seals. I would be cautious of the tourniquet, the far vast majority can't use them even after training. Placement, and the correct tightness is vital. This is where your diagnostic gear shines, you want it right enough to stop the bleeding, but not tight enough to kill the arm.

I think airway could be incorporated into your level two. An NPA is literally a latex straw, and an OPA is a tube 1/2" by 3" long. The reason is that if you get an injury to your face (eg tree branch to the face), you can literally choke on your own blood. When I get home today, I'll grab more photos.


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Thanks for the detailed post. Helpful for those of us just starting out.


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Absolutely. As another pointed out, my Tier 3 kit is aimed at trauma and mobility , not long term care during that first 1 to 3 months of a life serious scenario.


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Glad to see the dental kit. Everyone worries about bandages and ointments and clotting agents, but neglect dental care. If you crack a tooth or something and it gets infected, you'll wish you were dead if you can't fix it.


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I had a wisdom tooth explode about 18 months ago. Not really explode but it sure felt like it. $4 and a few ounces in the pack makes sure I never feel that agony again.


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I cracked a molar on a popcorn kernal years ago and didn't know it until it got infected. If it was a SHTF scenario, I'd had pulled the fucking thing out with a multitool it was hurting so bad.


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Get the instant cold packs with urea, many extra uses.


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Post note: One of the reasons I vacuum sealed things is because adhesives can have a tendency to lose effectiveness even if it just sits in your cupboard for a while. A base model food saver is a great investment ($50-$65) but I've noticed between 10-25% of all sealed packages tend to develop a leak after about a month. Also, some things just need to be sealed, not vacuumed.

Also, the sunscreen is SPF 110 because I burn to a crisp just walking by a window. It's a necessity for me.


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Never trusted the RATS TQ's. I'm a combat lifesaver for my squad and when one of them came in with a RATS me and the Corpsman both told him to throw it out and get a SOFTW or CAT. Yeah the RATS are small but they simply don't have the compression power of a real TQ in my experience. Your mileage may vary. Also, I agree on more airway gear. NPA's and OPA's are crucial to any kit. Training is crucial too!

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