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Finished the water collection shed. Being my first "building", I botched it in that no two sides are exactly the same length - not because I couldn't cut straight but because I wanted to try a few different things and opposing sides only ended up about 3/4 inch off so not bad for a learning experience. And it was square until I put the door on (the weight pulls it about 1.5 inches out of square and it's a stout door so it's not weak construction. But I finished leveling it, put siding on it, threw the tank in it, put two corner braces to bring and keep it back to square. But it's a shed on cinder blocks, not something I'm going to live in so aside from it being an experiment to see if I could do it, I don't care much. The point is that it's not going to fall apart in a few years, built out of scrap lumber, keeps the sun off of the plastic tank, and looks like it belongs with the external garage/workshop at a glance. Materials were $160 for the siding which is all I've spent for materials as I literally had everything else including the shingles. Also got great use from my drill press for cutting siding lengthwise (add a dremel cutting blade and you can rip through siding like it's nothing).

All that's left for the water collection is gutters, lines, and an overflow diverter. I do want to take some time to plan where I'm going to have regular run off so that I don't flood my garden unintentionally.

Harvested a total of 18 cucumbers (from 3 plants) this last week from my "test" garden. I have two tomato plants that ripped the cages out of the ground (they're 5 ft tall) so I staked all my tomato plants. Some of the sunflowers finally have heads and with one tiny exception, they're all taller than me. Corn height ranges from 3 feet tall to 5 feet tall. All have 2 or 3 ears. Also harvested an eggplant already.

Bought some shelf stable MRE style food to stow away. Nothing fancy but they are indeed for emergencies. Or lazy evenings about 10 years on from now.


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I bought a Dillon Strong Mount for my reloading press and rotated my gasoline supply. Workouts finally not making me wish for death but I think that means I should start pushing myself harder now. Wife got on board with working out too and started taking the kids on hikes and long walks. They think they're getting outside and playing and hiking but it's also to build their endurance and get them used to using a backpack for more than hauling books and toys.