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You see people, the truly ironic thing about all of this, is that going to College/University was supposed to be about expanding young minds. Helping them to broaden their own experiences and give them the best possible start in life. A new perspective; a chance to grow.

Now it seems to be more about hiding new experiences from them and reinforcing their own pre-conceptions. Instead of preparing them for reality, we're teaching them to be reality ignorant.

The result is what you see in this article. Grown men and women who cannot handle anything that does not fall within the bounds of their over-stuffed comfort zones. Children in mind, if not in body.

So ends the great SJW experiment. Its rise was fast, but its downfall is going to be drawn out and painful, because we now have a generation that does not know how to function in the real world without American Football level emotional padding.


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You are correct and you write very well.